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Myrtle Beach Minor in Possession Lawyer

Many high school and college aged students are charged with minor in possession of alcohol, beer, wine or liquor in Conway and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Conway Police Department, Horry County Police, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) and Coastal Carolina University Public Safety Department enforce the minor in possession and related statutes on a routine basis by either finding alcohol from a traffic stop, due to breaking up a party, or by patrolling local bars and restaurants. Individuals are charged with consumption, possession, and in some instances with the attempt to purchase alcohol. Other related charges can be possession of or attempting to use a false or altered identification.


These types of charges carry criminal penalties such as fines and jail time along with civil penalties including drivers license suspension and disqualification for certain educational loans, grants, and scholarships. The State of South Carolina offers alternatives to prosecution for minor in possession of alcohol charges. These include an alcohol education program and pre-trial intervention. The State has been known to send out solicitations to people who have been charged with minor in possession offenses in an attempt to get the individuals to sign up for one of the programs. Do not just sign up for one of these alternatives to prosecution without speaking to a lawyer first. There may be problems with the stop, search, or evidence that could lead to the charge being dismissed or reduced.


 If you or a family member have been charged with minor in possession of alcohol, beer, wine, or liquor or any criminal charge in or around Conway or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina call Trent Chambers to discuss your options in defending the charge or charges at (843) 692-7953.

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