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Myrtle Beach Speeding Ticket Attorney

Traffic ticket? When life gets bent...better call Trent!

If you have received a speeding ticket in:



or anywhere in South Carolina contact attorney Trent Chambers today to fight your speeding ticket. South Carolina is an exact speed State which means that you can receive a speeding ticket for going only one mile an hour over the speed limit.


Point System in South Carolina

Most States use some sort of point system connected to your drivers license. South Carolina uses a 12 point system. If you are convicted of a speeding ticket in South Carolina,  and are licensed in another State, South Carolina will notify your State of the conviction and your State will assesses points based upon the speed you are convicted of.

South Carolina Speeding Ticket Points System

10 MPH over or less:   2 Points
10 - 24 MPH over:        4 points
25 MPH and above:     6 points


Don't just plead guilty and pay your speeding ticket fine. That could lead to the points mentioned above and possibly raise your insurance rates. Fight your traffic ticket call Trent. (843) 692-7953

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